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Hello, my name is Tina Callison and I am the owner of Loud Resumes LLC.

Why do I write professional resumes for job seekers like you?

In college, I majored in both English and psychology. I was interested in English because I had always wanted to be a writer, and psychology because I wanted a job where I could help people. As a resume writer, I can do both.

I combine both of my passions to get you a better job. Writing a professional resume is about more than just listing your job history. It’s true, if that’s all there was to it, you probably wouldn’t need my help. But, I’ve learned that to really sell someone to a hiring manager, you have to dig deep. You need to determine what the “ideal candidate” looks like for a specific job posting and then identify all of the experience, accomplishments, and qualities that you have that make you the ideal candidate the hiring manager is looking for. And then it takes some skill as a writer to put all of that into a resume.

Hiring managers sift through 100s of resumes, spending only a few seconds on each one, trying to decide which few lucky candidates to call in for an interview. There are any number of things that can land your resume into the “no” pile. Eliminating those “red flags” is the other key part of creating an effective resume.

I know how to spot those problems from a mile away. I understand how to avoid the things that are telling a hiring manager to toss your resume aside. I know how to target your resume to the job you are seeking and highlight your experience and value as an employee. The results are more interviews and job offers.

My Experience = More Success for You!

I have personally written more than 1,000 professional resumes and cover letters. The resume strategy planning process I use helps uncover all of the value you have to offer an employer. I also keep close tabs on hiring trends, social media trends, and industry standards so that I can help you make a positive first impression with hiring managers and recruiters.

Want to know what your resume is saying about you? I’d be happy to give you a Free Resume Review (no strings attached). Just send it over to us via our Contact Page. Just put “Resume Review” in the subject line and I’ll review it for you.