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Can I take the cost of resume writing services as a tax deduction?

That depends on your situation and specific tax laws for your area, but in many cases, yes, resume writing services can be taken as a tax deduction. For more information, ask your tax preparer.

What happens after I order my resume package?

After you order your package, you will receive an email asking you to provide us with a detailed job history along with your previous resume (if you have one). We will go through all of the information you send, specifically looking for areas that can be strengthened. As part of this process, you will receive an email with additional questions the help tailor your resume to the position you are seeking. After you provide answers to these questions and we have all of the necessary information, we will begin crafting your new resume. We will deliver a draft for you to review within 5 business days. You can then request any changes that you would like us to make. Once we have finalized your resume, we will begin on your LinkedIn profile, if the package you ordered includes one.

Can I make changes in the future to the resume/cover letter that you create for me?

Absolutely! We create your new resume and cover letter as MS Word documents so that they are easy for you to edit in the future when you need to do so.

What if I am in a hurry and I can’t wait a whole week for my new resume? 

We have rush services options available for an additional fee. Please call us or email us through the Contact page prior to making your purchase and we will give you a quote for rush services.

Why can’t you make changes directly to my LinkedIn profile?

It goes against the LinkedIn user agreement for any third-party to log in to your LinkedIn account. We provide your new LinkedIn profile as a Word document with clearly marked sections for you to copy and paste directly into your LinkedIn account.

Can I purchase a functional (skills-based) resume rather than a chronological one?

No. We have found that providing functional resumes are not in our clients’ best interests. Hiring managers see functional resumes as red flags and rarely even take the time to read them, and job search websites have a very difficult time uploading functional resumes properly. It is our goal to never provide clients with products that would be detrimental, so for this reason, we do not provide functional resumes.

What is your refund policy?

Since we provide digital products that are impossible to return, we do not grant refunds after you have received your new documents from us. If you are dissatisfied with your new documents, we will gladly revise them for you during your 30-day revision period.